No. Part Number Wattage Input Output Dimming File
1 ES20W12DC 20W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
2 ES40W12DC 40W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
3 ES60W12DC 60W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
4 ES96W12DC 96W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
5 ES100W12DC 100W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
6 ES150W12DC 150W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
7 ES200W12DC 200W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
8 ES300W12DC 300W 120VAC 12VDC Phase
9 ES20W24DC 20W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
10 ES40W24DC 40W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
11 ES60W24DC 60W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
12 ES100W24DC 100W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
13 ES150W24DC 150W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
14 ES200W24DC 200W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
15 ES300W24DC 300W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
16 ES600W24DC 600W 120VAC 24VDC Phase
17 MS-150L12DC 150W 120VAC 3*12VDC
18 MS-200L24DC 200W 120VAC 2*24VDC
19 MS-200L12DC 200W 120VAC 4*12VDC
20 MS-300L12DC 300W 120VAC 6*12VDC
21 MS-600L24DC 600W 120VAC 6*24VDC
22 MS-150T12DC 150W 120VAC 3*12VDC
23 MS-200T24DC 200W 120VAC 2*24VDC
24 MS-200T12DC 200W 120VAC 4*12VDC
25 MS-300T12DC 300W 120VAC 6*12VDC
26 MLWB75WL 75W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
27 MLWB 100WL 100W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
28 MLWB 150WL 150W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
29 MLWB 200WL 200W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
30 MLWB S300WL 300W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
31 MLWB 600WL 600W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
32 ST75WL 75W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
33 ST100WL 100W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
34 ST150WL 150W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
35 ST200WL 200W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
36 STS300WL 300W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
37 ST600WL 600W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
38 SL75WS 75W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
39 SL100WS 100W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
40 SL150WS 150W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
41 SL200WS 200W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
42 SL300WS 300W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
43 SL600WS 600W 120V 60Hz 12VAC or 15VAC
44 TGLF1202512ACC2 25W 12V Class 2, Dimmable
45 TGLF1206012ACC2 60W 12V Class 2, Dimmable
46 TGLF12010012AC 100W 12V Dimmable
47 TGLF12015012AC 150W 12V Dimmable
48 TGLF12020012AC 200W 12V Dimmable
49 TGLF12030012AC 300W 12V Dimmable
50 TGLF1202512DCC2 25W 12V Class 2, Dimmable
51 TGLF1206012DCC2 60W 12V Class 2, Dimmable
52 TGLF12010012DC 100W 12V Dimmable
53 TGLF12015012DC 150W 12V Dimmable
54 TGLF12020012DC 200W 12V Dimmable
55 TGLF12030012DC 300W 12V Dimmable
56 TGLF1202524ACC2 25W 24V Class 2, Dimmable
57 TGLF1206012ACC2 60W 24V Class 2, Dimmable
58 TGLF1209624ACC2 96W 24V Dimmable
59 TGLF12015024AC 150W 24V Dimmable
60 TGLF12020024AC 200W 24V Dimmable
61 TGLF12030024AC 300W 24V Dimmable
62 TGLF1202524DCC2 25W 24V Class 2, Dimmable
63 TGLF1206024DCC2 60W 24V Class 2, Dimmable
64 TGLF1209624DCC2 96W 24V Dimmable
65 TGLF12015024DC 150W 24V Dimmable
66 TGLF12020024DC 200W 24V Dimmable
67 TGLF12030024DC 300W 24V Dimmable

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